5 months in Wolfland

5 months in Wolfland

Part IV: Digging in the Dirt

My main work in the first 5 months was digging in the dirt. Fence, fence and more fence. Digging holes for the fence poles, digging roots out of the ground to built more dog playground, plough the field and much more. All in all we built about 400m of fence for our dogs to enjoy live and to be as closest to us as possible – no matter where we go. It feels little bit, that there is always a new fence after the last one was finished and so next year, as soon as the snow has gone (and if there is money for that) we will fence the rest of the woods for our fury family. There is still nearly one hectare forest which will be transformed to a running fence and there are always possibilities for new compartments to separate them if needed, for foster dogs or possible day care visitors.

After the snow went so late this year and our first fence (“Aamuaurinko”) was built quite late, the field work and mökki renovations had stopped the continuation of the following “Aitta” and “Adventureland” fences but finally this shit work was done and yes it was a shit work with unpredictable underground, it was dirty and it was bone work – and it was worth everything after seeing the babes running the first time through the woods like crazy – from this day on they had this adventure every day. And the sentence from my wife thats enough fence was like music in my ears, but in the end there is always space for adjustments and improvements and there are always repairs to do.

Digging holes with a hand auger, building doors, prepare trees from the forest as stiffeners and search for decoration of the poles, all this took lot of energy, money, sweat and also blood – but when you see the babes the first time running in a new fence – everything is forgotten! When you see them running wild and free, all the work, all the troubles – EVERYTHING – is forgotten, so incredible is the feeling to see them…

The second big part beside the wild ones in our life is the big strawberry and vegetable field. Our first year here in Wolfland, our first year planting and as start a hard year, as the snow was melting away nearly one and a half months later than normal. When you hear from locals stuff like ” We haven’t experienced something like this long winter ever” –  than you are happy, that you are allowed to experience this in your first year…

All in all we have been happy of the result of our first year and first field work experiences. Thanks to Sarah, who prepared an about 1000m2 big part of our field, planted and harvested potatoes, onions, radish, pees and some stuff more, not everything was a success, but from all this we had more than enough for the first year. Furthermore she harvested lots of strawberries, cloudberries, raspberries and blueberries. Some of the fruits found a direct way into Sarahs homemade jam.

Considering the fact, that the whole land and also the field was left to itself the last 3 years, I can only say, Sarah made an incredible job and fed us well!

Beside this two big parts we did several smaller stuff as well. We made some indoor renovation of our cottage, which was used as storage. We brought some fresh air into the two rooms, with lots of paint, refunctionalisation and restoration/renewing of some second hand furniture and lot of lovely decoration. Everyone who sees it was surprised about the result and what you can realize with trash wood and creativity.

Also our house got some updates. The water lock broke and had to be renewed, we updated the electrical system to an up to date state for the connection of the solar system. Finally we installed the solar panels/battery/inverter system and where going into our woods again to get some more trees for the construction frame for the solar panels. We decided to have them on a frame on the gound, for easier accessibility and cleaning during winter.

Part V: Raising the wolves and the crazy runner & some more action

Another puppy party…
Beautiful Medo: Wolfdogs – always alert and highly misunderstood – wild and that is what nature is.

In all this chaos and work we raised 3 puppies, got them house trained. With more dogs and growing age you also get some more action, some more to learn and to see. We had the first bloody fights to separate and wounds to clean and to see that best friends don’t have to be best friends forever. But the good thing here, we have and will always have enough space to get everybody what they want and whats best for them. The first heat of your little teeny wolf can change a lot and we have been prepared for that. In the end everything went well and we are some experiences richer.

With the adoption of Medo we got some more chaos for a short period of time and some more wounds to clean, as life follows its own rules. And before you know you have a fresh adopted dog and the first heat of his little sister at the same time – and an exhausting heat/seperation and integration period at the same time. You can’t plan life and you have never the security that everything works out and will be easy, but if you really know what you want in life – life gives you the solutions for everything. That was our experience in the last years and so we learned to trust us and life more and more – as time told us more and more to don’t trust people.

Part VI: Dogs vs. People

As already in the last blog entry scribed, we started more and more to follow the developments of people dealing with dogs. How does the saying goes? Dogs are peoples best friends? Oh well, than I don’t want to be friend of you. The dealing of people with dogs, dogs they so easily give away and their opinion about people who want to help and give those dogs new homes. It’s sad and makes me angry.

Since I have written this and already since the last blog entry so much happened in our life, where we where involved with people, dogs, dogs/people in need and dogs looking for a new home – and from interaction to interaction with most of this people, with announcement after announcement of the same bla bla – we both can say, that we are more and more done with the large amount of people.

In the past deals where done per handshake, people where saying things straight to your face and you would have had at least a tiny chance to trust the person in front of you. This days most people are hypocrites, liars and not a millimeter of trustworthy! Yeah, today is so easy to be an ego-dominated asshole and still look like the nicest person on earth, just a few nice words and hearts on Facebook and everybody thinks you are so nice, and you are so good that you are looking for a new home for your animal, cause you now see that you can’t give enough… After 2 months, after half a year… Faces don’t lie and in most cases you can see in their faces that those breads they so adore, can’t work out with them and their lifestyles – but it’s so easy to get those dogs, so easy to ged rid of them again… And even  make money with them, couldn’t be to make a loss with a fault you make…

Who gives the dogs to those people? Breeders are you that blind or just money fixated?

This is how you deal with your best friends, with you family members – or are they but only prestige objects to satisfy your ego needs? Where are the official organizations? Why nobody of them is following  whats going on? Who are those vets which don’t have a problem, putting healthy dogs to sleep? How can you all look in the mirror every day?

Our and especially Sarah study and pursue of developments in several forums for dogs – gave at least one dog a new home, helped to find one for another and most probably saved the life of an 1 year old husky girl. And we are not done with helping dogs in need – but we are a step more done with people.

Thanks for the handful of people, this low percentage which shows, that we are not alone and that not everybody/everything is lost!

Between best friends…
…no words are needed
And the biggest thanks to all our furry family members, which show us their love and respect every day and make our life more livable! And this makes dogs better than humans nowadays – you can trust them – you can’t people. Your dogs don’t lie to you, when you know their character and how they are, you know what you get, they don’t play you. We are so grateful for all ours and haven’t regretted taken those to us no matter of haven gotten them us puppy or adopted/rescued them. The all are in our hearts and have been in so short time after they came in our lives. They are family members, they are our family!