Our life is already written – we just have to walk our path

Our life is already written – we just have to walk our path

My first entry in our storybook, about our first nearly 5 months here, about life in general, the system, (wolf)dogs and the so-called thing work.

Part I: How it all started

Lets begin with – how we ended up here. This wasn’t planned, like almost everything in our life nowadays. Life has its own rhythm and plans with us people, so why should we plan something, what is already written, we just have to walk our path and thats what we realized and what we are doing.

I and also Sarah wouldn’t have thought about any of this, when we met, when we have been in Finland together and even before we finally moved here – but in the end when we look back there has always been a red line.

Bella Nella
We both always wanted dogs – this got finally true with adopting Zunny five and a half years ago. We got to hear, don’t take him, he is already so old and so on, fact is, without us taking hime he would have been put to sleep. It took us around 4 years to adopt our second dog Nella, which was also round about 9 years when she got to us. 4 years where we where looking on the large amount of nordic breed dogs looking for new homes, but we where told Zunny, could never live with another dog together and we trusted those words and waited.
But we are rebels at heart and some day we couldn’t wait any longer, we did something different, we took Nella and would should I say, Zunny and Nella are the best friends ever – so lets say, Zunny couldn’t live with any other dog than Nella together.

After this crazy girl with the energy of a puppy got to us, everything and nothing changed – but our desire to live in the countryside and to help more dogs in need was growing from day to day. So we finally moved from the big city of Helsinki (yes Helsinki was more than big enough for us) to the country side of Tuusula, we built a dog fence and we planned to adopt a 3,5 years old czechoslovakian wolfdog girl – unluckily she showed attempts to play in the more like “I want to try how you taste” way with our cats, so this hasn’t worked out, because the rented house was tiny and not enough space to separate the cats from the dogs, but so we got our first puppy Usva – we also said always no puppies for us – but that was the way how it had to be, cause Usva, her behavior, her wildness and our wish to give her a play partner in form of fostering a young dog has brought us to the beginning of it all.

We always tried to give our dogs everything they need and change our life in a way that they get the best possible, even if it means that we have to put back or compromise – thats how it should be – they are our family.

We found quite easily a foster dog, the perfect play partner for Usva – and than our landlord said NO. No to help an animal, no to our free and wild form of living our live. It broke our heart.

Paying rent for a place, where we haven’t been able to follow our way wasn’t our way and the same evening we started to find the perfect place for us, for our animals and for more future animals. Main points for us have been low low low budget and big big space without neighbors – in the end there was only one object left – but it was the one we liked most from the beginning and we just had to compromise that little to life the rest of our life without electricity connection and running warm water.

Gaia & Karmakosmik aka Kossu
Short before our moving to Lapland we took Taivas with us and shortly after with Gaia and Karmakosmik all in all three more puppies to us. So there was nothing with no puppies for us, but everything in life has a reason, even you don’t see it first.


At some point in life there comes the moment, when everything comes clear. At least one thing was clear from the beginning – not all puppies are horrible little beasts like Usva our little princess.

Part II: Looking for a new home

With the adoption of Nella, but especially after we got Usva and followed some groups about Wolfdogs, Sleddogs, etc. we saw also more and more the ugly face of reality.

As I have been the first time with Usva at the Vet it was a little upsetting feeling there. It was like how could we take a wolfdog to us, even more how could we do it without any animal attendant education and that the greater amount of wolf dogs are put to sleep in their first years and she gave me the feeling that we will do the same with Usva. Well Usva is till with us, but in the end it seems that most people don’t adapt their lives for the dogs and with the dogs. Yeah dogs and especially wolf dogs are very extraordinary creatures but like everything wild, everything which isn’t swimming with the flow it will probably not work with a normal life and thats what people not realize! And than those beautiful creatures get forwarded from one owner to the next or put to sleep in the worst cases. And it seems its the easiest thing in the world to put a dog to sleep and to find a Vet doing it, we read more than enough cases where owners exactly wanted to do this for normal puppy behavior of a wolfdog – just cause this doesn’t fit in their lives…

It kind of makes us sad to see, that every day new dogs are searching for a new home, especially wolf dogs and those nordic breeds like sled dogs are here especially in need – and the even more sad thing that they are mostly only half a year to a year with the owners, and always the same reason, no time, change in life, etc. Yeah sure, you all haven’t known that! A dog is a life commitment and takes time and even more are wolfdogs! Yeah it’s cool to have all those wolfish looking dogs and when you realize they are work, you can’t leave them alone – they need you to change your life – they are away again, it seems so easily… Our dogs are family members, no chance to give them away – but we have changed our life for them, more than one time!

Karmakosmik & Medo
And we had to adapt our life a little bit more, when we adopted Medo, he was so quick in our family and part of our family and we won’t ever want to miss him anymore! He made his way into our hearts so quick…
But to be honest – he is very, very dominant and it was not easy to put him in a well going group of four, where he was and still is making clear who the boss is – luckily in an not harming way now.

Is it more work than before now?
Yes! Is it worth it – definitely! And we will help and giving new homes in the future as well – as it all comes as it should.

In the end if our eyes will cross a dog in need – we will take him, before any harm will happen. But we won’t support one thing, that most of the people want to make money with their mistakes. If you can’t handle your dog anymore, give them away for free in a new and better home! Sadly they are sold in lot of cases from one inappropriate owner to the next – thanks to the internet you can follow that sad game and you see the same dogs over and over looking for new homes.
We don’t know everything or a lot  or whatever about dogs, but we grow with them and we have a feeling for them and their actions. We trust them and they trust us – and so we are a happy big family learning from each other and growing together and together!

And one thing is for sure – we would give our last shirt for them and by the way almost all our expenses go for them and thats good and okei for us – thats how it should be!


The funny – or more sad thing is, this entry is few days in progress now and in this few days, few new wolf dogs where looking for a new home. Lets talk about one case here in general, two dogs, from one home, both under one year. The same blabla in the announcement – and the dogs will be given away only in experienced hands. We tried to help, no response – one dog found a new home in only one day – trial time was looking in the end like this: the dog was picked up and it took the experienced potential new owner only few hours that the dog was away, luckily he came pack after 5!!! days, with the result, that the experienced owner wasn’t experienced enough for the wolf dog and wasn’t even willing to try anymore…

Second case, a one year healthy husky girl, which should have been put to sleep, cause of the ego of the owners. Better to put the girl to sleep, than cheap in a new and good home. And those words: “it’s no good reason to take a dog just to safe his life.” (!!!)

What to say to this in the end… luckily we where able to get some sanity in the owners mind, before he changed his mind again in the other direction and again in the other direction… So we don’t know if we, and some other people where able to safe that life, but at least we tried…


Part III: GoFundMe

As many or more probably less people have seen we have a GoFundMe page  where our work can be supported. Thanks for everybody who helped us so far, every euro was a big help. The sad thing is that most people don’t give a shit about the work of private people dedicating their lives to the wellbeing of animals or in our case dogs as long as there is nothing big behind. It sad cause nobody else does it and also the rescue organizations are in most cases voluntary – but all this costs a lot of money and even more time…

We will go that way no matter what – we are happy for everybody who makes our street less rocky for us.
Its hard to say what we bought with the donations so far, as we spent much more money than this but it could have been for bones, meat, seven used dog houses, some more fence material, toys, a second used kick bike, a new bigger collar for Medo or just some litter for their houses… For the winter they get two sleds – so much more fun ahead for all of them in a quite soon snowy Lapland.

For all of you who ask how we finance all this – we don’t know…

The main thing is that we don’t spent anything for us – but everything for those who mean everything to us – and things have to wait until there is money there for it and/or we get a great second hand deal. In the end in all those years there was always enough money there for all dogs and it will always be! Not always easy to can’t get the progress in the time you want but that’s part of our life – which we love as it is! It teaches us so much patience and that everything comes in time how it is suppossed to be. This is our life, it is far from boring, we can tell stories all day long, but we won’t – we rather prefer doing and making differences every day instead of only talking and playing important. And so will keep on going making the impossible possible, annoying lot of people out there, who think that you have to have 500000e on our bank account before you can buy a house and you have to have thousands of euros before you can own a dog. We will keep on going and maybe even inspiring a few to do the same in their frame, just doing and live their dreams according to their lives and finding ways and solutions when the time is to find ways and solutions. Our life is far from being secure, this is why we can call it our Life, because that is was living is. It is not the money on your bank account, it is what is in your heart, that is what makes you rich that is what makes Life! It is going new paths and not going those the systems tells you to go. You just don’t need lots of money to make a difference, you just need a little and have the vision and trust that everything will be alright! You have to be brave and you have to go your own way and you have to always ask yourself: “Does it benefit the greater good?” if the answer is yes, than do it! But from all what we have learned, we know now that it basically just is, when you get your hands dirty (literally dig in the dirt, get dirty by being jumped on from dogs, get dirty while building, renovating, farming..),  a job that has value.. Otherwise it is mostly just useless and senseless made up “work”, that has no benefit for the world but yes maybe one – to make it even more miserable.

And that is at least what no one really wants but still supports? It really is all about every each and one of us. The difference begins with us, our life contribute to the change of the greater! So please – consider your life and find other solutions and stop doing what makes you tired, bored and miserable.

The path is not easy and that is how it should be. Money is too easy to have and too easy as it ever would allow you to chance. It gives you a false sense of security when there really just isn’t any. security. at. all . To be alive is the only security that we get every day. To get dirty, to every day get hurt – physically (not a day without new injuries and if it’s only a bleeding finger)  not mentally! This makes the difference.

We know not a lot of people support us, we are too invisible for most, and worse, some people even condemn us for not working boring 24/7 jobs that makes us miserable. We are condemned for not playing by the rules that make the mass of people miserable (how ironic) but as said, we don’t care about those people, because we know they have to learn to not identify themselves with their jobs but feel that they are of value without those jobs. They have to learn first, to then understand. Sure we all are people and we all tend to condemn but please just consider that there are people out there who already might know a little better what is right and what is wrong, what is worth to support and what is not.

But as said, sure in the end it doesn’t matter because Our life is already written, we just have to go the path..And for some it is a path that brings change and for most it is the path that everyone goes.

We are happy that for us it is going a different path. We are happy to make a change, even if only a few people can see it – but probably that is what is so right about it! Not the famous one make the change, it’s the people that get less attention, its the people that usually just do for themselves instead of talking far too much..think about that!

To be continued in the next blog entry…